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 We are a gravel delivery company delivering to home owners and commercial projects across the greater Fairbanks area. I haul from most pits in the valley to your home or project. Below is a partial list of products that I can deliver to you via a 10 yard dump truck. Please call 907-378-1235 for information and prompt scheduling. Thank you...Ron

Pit run

Sewer rock




Road mix

Browns Hill

Pea gravel and Beach sand

Fill dirt


I see you have a pup trailer in the photo? Can you use that also for delivery to my home?

* No. this trailer is used only for commercial work with big areas to work with. We will use only the dump truck for residential homes. 

How many yards will your dump truck haul?

* It will carry up to 10 yards.

What time are the gravel pits open that you haul out of?

* Gravel pits normally are open at 7-8 AM and closed at 5 PM Monday thru Saturday.

Can you spread gravel with your dump truck?

*Yes as long as the area is flat and no tree limbs are overhead and the driveway cant be in to bad of condition.

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